NEUERSCHEINUNG| Fixing and Circulating the Popular (Kulturwiss. Technikforschung, Bd. 6)


Sehr geehrte Kolleg*innen,

dürfen wir Sie auf folgende Neuerscheinung in der Reihe
Kulturwissenschaftliche Technikforschung aufmerksam machen:

Johannes Müske, Ute Holfelder, Thomas Hengartner, eds.:
Fixing and Circulating the Popular: Ethnographies of Technology, Media,
Archives and the Dissemination of Culture. Zürich: Chronos 2020.

Der Band ist dem Andenken Thomas Hengartners (1960-2018) gewidmet, der
das Buchprojekt angestossen hatte.

Mit den besten Grüssen

Ute Holfelder und Johannes Müske


Fixing and Circulating the Popular is a contribution to the fields of
cultural anthropology/folklore studies, cultural studies, and media
studies, exploring processes of appropriation and re-coding of popular
culture in everyday life. The articles in this volume are inspired by
the research approach of cultural analysis of technology
(Kulturwissenschaftliche Technikforschung) and present new ethnographic
case studies on techniques of collecting and distributing popular
culture in the past and present, such as folk heritage collections,
radio, and cultural policies building upon such media. They investigate
love communication and mobile phone videos produced and distributed
with smartphones and the use of geodata platforms.


6 Acknowledgements and Dedication

7 Ute Holfelder, Johannes Müske
Fixing and Circulating the Popular (Introduction)

17 Thomas Hengartner
Technology, Culture and the Everyday: Technology Studies as the Study
of Everyday Culture

35 Fanny Gutsche-Jones, Karoline Oehme-Jüngling
Circulating “Swissness”: The Construction of National Identity through
Popular Music and the Impact of Technology

51 Karin Gustavsson
Investigations of Vernacular Architecture in Scandinavia in the 1920s

67 Johannes Müske
Transforming Superstition into Living Traditions: Archiving and
Circulating “Folk Medicine” in Switzerland

87 Sibylle Künzler
Walking – Clicking – Locating – Zooming: Circulations of Spatial
Practices through Navigational Geodata Platforms like Google Maps

107 Ute Holfelder
“The Unique Moment”: Camera Phone Videos Taken at Concerts

123 Christian Ritter
Constructing Ethnicity through ICT: Visual Culture, Creativity and the
Circulation of National Symbols in Postmigrant Youth Culture

143 Klaus Schönberger
Love Communication and Socio-Cultural Change: From Love Letter to Love
Message via Camera Phone Video

161 Notes on Contributors

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