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the_Other is a (new) zine and collaborative platform to un:learn re:think, re:imagine knowledge production and the political through lived experiences & the emotive. For more information follow us on Instagram or Twitter (@the_otherzine), visit the website or write to<>.

the_Other is for everyone who feels othered or other
the_Other acts as an alternative, other space
the_Other is a fearless, honest, unapologetic and participative endeavour
the_Other speaks in an open-ended, other dialect
the_Other is non-conformist, revolutionary, out-spoken and independent

L O N E L I N E S S Open Call for Contributions for Issue No. 1

“Hello, my name is Loneliness. I am an emotion that comes in different shapes and sizes. oftentimes, I move into spaces that were created to feel safe, to feel protected, and turn them into cages that are hard to break out of. I make myself comfortable. I manifest myself in various faces: it can be a sad smile, an uttered frustration of being misunderstood, a longing for connection, identity struggles, addiction, anxieties, an overcompensating sense of independence or body language. I do not discriminate against any age, gender, culture, race, creed, status, or life situation and am pretty common. However, I am mostly silent and like to stay hidden, which makes me strong and persistent.”

Loneliness is something to be spoken of only in a whisper and rarely in public. Reclaiming the power we give loneliness to speak on our behalf, we now give it the space to be understood as an experience in life. When do we feel the most lonely? How has loneliness affected our lives? How does one’s culture and upbringing shape perceptions of loneliness? What, when, where is loneliness? Why are we lonely and is it just a fact of life? What images come to mind when we think of loneliness? How do we experience loneliness? What does loneliness feel like?

How to participate:
the_Other accepts submissions from any type of creative work (e.g. written, visual, audio). Your voice can be uttered in any way of expression, in any language, speech, or shape you feel the most comfortable, except for words and pieces that express hate speech.
If you feel interested, check out the_Other’s submission guidelines or e-mail<>.

the_Other is looking forward to hearing from you!

the_Other zine<>

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