VERANSTALTUNG| 15th SIEF congress (Helsinki 2021): CfP


The 15th congress of the International Society for Ethnology and
Folklore (SIEF) will take you to Helsinki, a vibrant city by the Baltic
Sea with an Arctic twist. Helsinki is known for its laid-back and safe
atmosphere, its internationality and open-mindedness, and the proximity
of urban culture and mesmerising nature. The congress will be hosted by
Prof. Dr. Hanna Snellman, Vice-rector of University of Helsinki,
Finland’s largest and oldest academic institution (est. 1640).

With the theme ‘Breaking the rules? Power, participation and
transgression’, SIEF2021 invites and encourages participants to explore
the dynamics, modes, arenas and implications of breaking the rules and
to revisit and discuss underlying concepts. To break rules is an agent
of change and reveals the (dis)ruptures in our societies, and we propose
to examine what “breaking the rules” has implied and implies in social,
economic, political, cultural and academic contexts.

This is to inform you that the Call for Panels, Roundtables, Workshops
and Combined Formats is now open and will close on 21 September at 23:59
EEST (Finnish time). If you are interested in participating, please read
the theme, then go to the Call for Panels etc page to read all about the
formats, rules and instructions and find the link for proposing your
We are looking forward to your contributions and hope to welcome you to
Helsinki in June 2021!

Dorothea Breier
Postdoctoral researcher, Ethnologist
University of Helsinki, Department of Cultures
Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS)
Helsinki Institute of Urban and Regional Studies (Urbaria)
Helsinki Inequality Initiative (INEQ)

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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Volkskunde e.V. (dgv)
Claus-Marco Dieterich | Geschäftsführer
c/o Institut für Europäische Ethnologie / Kulturwissenschaft
Deutschhausstr. 3 | D-35037 Marburg |
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