CfP: Performativity, Identity and Cultural Practice in Digital Culture (London)


Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen, (English follows)

wir möchten Sie auf den cfp für unser Panel aufmerksam machen, welches
auf der Royal Anthropoligcal Institute Conference 4.-7. Juni 2020 in
London stattfindet:

„On the Move: Performativity, Identity and Cultural Practice in Digital
Culture.“ (MV07)

Dear Colleagues, we kindly invite your submission for paper proposals
with our panel „On the Move: Performativity, Identitiy and Cultural
Practice in Digital Culture“ at RAI2020 Anthropology and Geography:
Dialoges Past, Present and Future.

*cfp text follows* (scroll down),
Warm regards, Fatma Sagir and Gisela Zimmermann

RAI 2020

***************************Call for Papers **********************
Panel MV07: On the Move: Performativity, Identity and Cultural Practice
in Digital Culture.

Royal Anthropological Institute with British Academy/British
Museum/Royal Geographical Society/SOAS University of London
4-7 June 2020 London

Convenors: Fatma Sagir / Gisela Zimmermann (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität
Freiburg, Institut für Kulturanthropologie und Europäische Ethnologie)

Short abstract:
Mobilitiy appears effortless in digital culture. With the emergence of
new media practices, the performativity of the self, cultural practice
and identity formation are in transformation. This panel explores how
digital culture changes social norms and evolves our research practice.

Long abstract:
The performativity of the self is in transformation through new
practices of presenting and representing the self, such as the selfie
and other technology-based opportunities that enables to upload images
and videos of oneself to a social media platform such as Instagram or
However, long before social media, Sherry B. Turkle’s The Second Self
(1984) explored the question how computers and technology change our
view of ourselves by recognising computers had begun to shape our
social lives. Today, not only our attitude towards technology has
profoundly changed but also our understanding and presentation of
ourselves in digital culture is shifting.

Social Media has become an archive of human knowledge including
discourse and development on every aspect of our lives while offering
visibility, on-screen diversity and representation to those
underrepresented or ignored by traditional media or society in general.

Digital culture offers a tool and a space to position the user’s image,
their imagination of the present, the past and the future, to arrange
elements of everyday life as if props for the performance of selves.

This panel seeks to explore questions such as:
How does digital culture effect the performativity of the self?
Does mobility in digital culture lead to changes in habitus, social
norms and cultural practices?
How does methodology and field-work evolve through digital culture? We
welcome paper presentations (15-20 min) from different fields and
We are open to a variety of methods, theoretical approaches and topics.

cfp closes 08 January 2020. Please submit your proposal via the
conference website

Dr Fatma Sagir
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Muslim Lifestyle, Digital, Visual and Popular Culture
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Europäische Ethnologie
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