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Institute of Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology, University of Basel

Digital Humanities Lab, University of Basel

Institute of Design Research, Bern University of the Arts

The Sinergia-project „Participatory Knowledge Practices in Analogue and Digital Image Archives“, approved by the Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF, examines the transformation of analogue into digital archives from the perspective of technology, communication, and the anthropology of knowledge. The goal is the analysis and systematic description of historical and contemporary archiving practices: the generation, processing, archiving, and dissemination of knowledge. The complex interplay of participants, epistemological orders, and visualizations of knowledge in such practices are studied in connection with three collections from the the Swiss Society for Folklore Studies (Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Volkskunde SGV). The aim is to design an interface that enables users to annotate, contextualize, organize, and link both images and their metainformation.
Within the framework of this project, various positions are to be filled from 1st February 2021.
2 PhD positions for a four-year appointment in Cultural Anthropology (University of Basel)
The PhD candidates will conduct a subproject within the topic of the project: Using the example of one collection of the SGV (Collection „Atlas of Swiss Folklore“, Collection „Ernst Brunner“. „Kreis family collection“), the history and present of the analogue and digital photo archive and the associated processes of generating, processing, archiving and dissemination of knowledge are examined.
Responsibilities of all applicants:

* Organization of workshops and conferences
* Active participation in workshops/research seminars/conferences
* Some administrative responsibilities
Specific responsibilities are,

* teaching in the cultural anthropology curriculum in Basel

* Excellent knowledge of research methods in the corresponding field
* Excellent analytical and writing skills
* Flexibility and the capacity to learn quickly and to work both independently and in collaboration with others
* Project-oriented organizational skills
* Communication and teaching skills
* Genuine interest in interdisciplinary research environment
* German as research language, excellent knowledge of English
Specific requirements are,

* outstanding and highly motivated candidate with an excellent Master degree in cultural anthropology or a related field,
* knowledge of archival research and/or photo history/visual culture,
* knowledge of scientific databases, interest in IT structures

* Research-intensive scientific environment in an interdisciplinary team and network
* Workplace: Basel
* Salary: in accordance with SNSF/Unibas regulations
* The position starts on February 1st, 2021 and is limited to a period of four years
Interested applicants are invited to a CV including list of publications and all relevant documents and a statement of research interests (2 – 3 pages). Application material should be sent before October 15th, 2020 as a single PDF file on: —> 2 PhD positions for a four-year appointment in Cultural Anthropology (University of Basel).
No applications by e-mail.
Interviews with shortlisted applicants will be held on November 9th and 16th, 2020.
For further information please contact Walter Leimgruber<>.

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