SONSTIGES: Anthropological Journal of European Cultures: Open call for articles


Anthropological Journal of European Culture – open call for articles –
deadline: 28 February 2020

Published since 1990, Anthropological Journal of European Cultures
(AJEC) engages with current debates and innovative research agendas
addressing the social and cultural transformations of contemporary
European societies. The journal serves as an important forum for
ethnographic research in and on Europe, which in this context is not
defined narrowly as a geopolitical entity but rather as a meaningful
cultural construction in people’s lives, which both legitimates
political power and calls forth practices of resistance and subversion.
By presenting both new field studies and theoretical reflections on the
history and politics of studying culture in Europe anthropologically,
AJEC encompasses different academic traditions of engaging with its
subject, from social and cultural anthropology to European ethnology and
Empirische Kulturwissenschaft.

In addition to the thematic focus of each issue, which has characterised
the journal from its inception, AJEC now also carries individual
articles addressing aspects of social and cultural transformations in
contemporary Europe from an ethnographically grounded anthropological
perspective. All such contributions are peer reviewed (double blind

We invite to submit articles for the issue 2 in 2020 (to be published in
autumn 2020) – please do circulate this open call in your networks. See
AJEC’s site with back issues here
and the submission information here
The journal’s open access and rights and permission regulations
<> usually are in line
with the requirements of national and international public funders
(green open access).

Please submit articles to the editors, Patrick Laviolette and Elisabeth
Timm, at Check ouer submission and style
guide pdf
before submitting : )

Patrick Laviolette & Elisabeth Timm (general editors)

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